Tom Ford

Senior Attorney

Tom Ford grew up in Breckenridge, a small Texas town where oil, cattle, and football were King.  Tom started playing football in fourth grade, with the exception of one season in high school when he was injured, he played until he graduated from high school.  He lettered in his junior year when they won the State Championship and was a team Captain in his senior year, and ‘never lost a coin toss’!  The Breckenridge Buckaroos won five state football championships in ten years, two of which were won while he was in high school.

He earned a BBA degree in Accounting from Texas Christian University and a Juris Doctor degree from the South Texas College of Law.

Tom worked in the corporate world for eighteen years before he set up his law practice.  During the first nine years he worked with computers, creating corporate management systems while he attended law school at night and managed information systems for National and International companies.  During this time he enlisted in the Texas National Guard, served on active duty, attended Officers Candidate School, and completed his six years’ service in the US Army Reserve as a commissioned officer.   The next nine years were spent working for National and International companies in management positions as a corporate officer and part owner.  Tom was treasurer of the leveraged buyout of a corporate entity based in Maine, where he and his family lived for three years.

Tom married Myra Winn Ford in 1976 and they are proud parents of their son Winston, a Captain with the Frisco fire department and Kendra, Client Development Manager for a law firm in Dallas.  Tom was very active in raising his children.  He coached his daughter’s softball team for several years as well as his son’s baseball and football teams.  Tom & My are the grandparents of five wonderful grandchildren living in Dallas and McKinney.

After moving back to Texas from Maine, ten plus years out of law school, Tom decided to take the Texas Bar Exam and open his own law practice in Plano.  As a sole practitioner, he shared office space with several other attorneys for a few years.  Then in the early 1990’s Tom built a significant and successful bankruptcy law practice which he maintained for about twelve years.  Subsequent changes in the practice of Bankruptcy Law encouraged Tom to gradually shift his law practice to Elder Law and Estate Planning.

Tom and his friend, Jim Watts, formed a Law Partnership named Ford and Watts, PLLC in the early 2000’s which was focused mainly on Elder Law and Estate Planning.  After Jim’s sudden death in 2011, Tom regrouped his law practice under the Law Firm of Thomas A. Ford, Jr.  He continued with his and Jim’s plan to work with individuals and families as they make some of the most important decisions in their lives regarding their assets and their loved ones.

Tom feels that putting together a detailed Estate Plan to provide for your loved ones or navigating through Elder Law matters are some of the most serious and sometimes confusing considerations a client can face.  In 2021 Tom merged his law firm with Haiman Hogue PLLC to continue his work helping families and individuals make good legal choices.  He chose Haiman Hogue PLLC  because of their high moral standards and reputation as knowledgeable legal counsel.