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How to Secure Your Legacy

What Should my Estate Plan Include?

What is the role of an estate planning and elder law attorney?

Executor of an estate

The Truth About Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Addiction in the Family

Texas Medicaid 2023

What Happens When the First Spouse Dies

Important Living Documents Every Adult Needs

Do You Qualify for Veteran’s Benefits?

What is Probate?

The Difference Between a Will and a Trust

How does a property pass upon death?

Estate Plan Costs

My Loved One Just Passed…

A Living Trust in Detail


Behind the Curtain: How Guardianship Works

Does A Trust Make Sense in Texas?

How to Have the Difficult Conversation

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

What Happens to Debts After Death?

Fights within family

Executor vs. Trustee

Special Needs Trusts

Healthcare Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior

Blended Families: A Brady Bunch Nightmare

The End Stages

Estate Planning Secrets of the Rich

Memberships & Associations

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