Sheila Williamson

Director of Community Services

I am the Director of Community Services and my job includes public relations on behalf of our firm with the main emphasis of community involvement and securing speaking engagements that allow us to fulfill one of our primary core values of educating the public. I make sure that we are a great community partner by having us participate in as many charity and community events as possible, with our emphasis being those that highlight and aid the Senior population of North Texas.

I participate in many networking events and Senior Service organizations monthly and take an active role in raising awareness of the issues concerning the Senior population of North Texas. I help our clients by providing resources for any service that they might need, only referring those that are the best in the industry.

My passion is for helping people with providing services to them that they need as well as educating them on the value of proper planning with trusted professionals. I love setting up educational events that help meet needs, answer questions, and help families plan for the future together. I truly believe in the work that we do at Haiman Hogue and feel our law firm not only provides the very best legal services available, but we do it with the heart of faithfully serving our Lord and loving our neighbor.