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Dementia – Are you Planning for the real cost?

ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE HIGH COSTS OF DEMENTIA? At Haiman Hogue, PLLC, we think it’s time to educate people about the disease of Alzheimer’s (and other dementia’s) and the effects of the disease on its victims and their loved ones.  We’re currently increasing our focus on long-term care. And dementia related care and family dynamics are

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Why Is It Important to Do a Life and Estate Plan?

Life and Estate Planning is preparing for the Known and Unknown. On average, people are living longer than ever before. Because of this, we have a greater chance that we will face difficult issues that have legal consequences. Everyone can fall victim to illness, injury, disability, accident, etc, so preparing for this “Unknown” is so very

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Cleaning Out to Welcome In

Yesterday, we began the yearly process of cleaning out all the fall decor, clearing off the mantel, putting away all the everyday pictures, knickknacks, etc….to make room for the Christmas decorating which we will start on Friday. As I was doing this necessary chore, with Christmas music playing in the background, I was filled with excitement and anticipation

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YOU DO Make A Difference!

How many times have you thought I am only one person and what kind of difference can I make? Well…I want to give you some food for thought on that and hopefully you will realize that we ALL make a difference…we ALL have a part to play and that YOU may just be the difference in

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Vision for Success

Today is a Monday…the beginning of the work week…a day of dread or excitement? I think Mondays are a bit exciting because they bring new opportunities for growth. A new week to learn, expand, and grow in knowledge, contacts, experiences, etc. Who knows what is just around the next corner today as you start your work

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A Harvest of Blessings Coming Your Way

Right at this moment…I am feeling so overwhelmingly blessed…it is hard to convey! Why? Well, I still am feeling the effects of the Roadtrip throughout the Southwest and all the beauty we witnessed as well as the wonderful people we met along the way. I am excited about the Fall coming (even though today it will

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure: Home Stretch

Well…sad as we were to leave…we are also glad to be home safely! We left Lubbock by 10 this morning and were home safely a little after 4 today!  We chose the small town route…a scenic route…other than the Interstate and it was certainly more interesting viewing. I downloaded my pictures today and am very excited

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 7

Today began with a relaxing breakfast and a new plan!!! Our B&B was voted Number 1 in Santa Fe last year….and is Pueblo Bonito in case you were wondering or are planning a trip to Santa Fe any time soon. They are adobe cottages with full kitchens, a bedroom living area with futon and fireplace, private

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