Graduation Season

Graduation Season

Well, it is Graduation Season now…. and we have been going to many graduation parties for our neighbors’ children, our friends’ children and grandchildren. This is a monumental day for any teenager, parent, or grandparent alike and there is nothing like that feeling! A feeling of accomplishment, a scary feeling of the unknown, excitement for the new life beginning, and prayers of thanksgiving for their lives.

I remember this day like it was yesterday… Chad was excited, but probably not as excited as we were! Our only child graduating from High School with a College Scholarship and the world was going to be his oyster. It was pouring down rain that day, but nothing could dampen our spirits.
We had a big party that weekend with family and friends, lots of food and drink, and of course, pictures to commemorate the day.

As I look on him today, 10 years later, I am so very proud of the young man he is becoming. Hard lessons he has learned, and he has had more than his share of heartache to be sure, but, by the amazing grace of God, he has come through it all and now reaches out to those he can help by offering his story of hurt and healing.

Lessons we, as his parents have learned:
1. Love your child to the moon and back, but let them fail and do not try to fix things. Let them learn from their mistakes and listen as much as they will let you.
2. Realize your child is becoming an adult and prepare legally for this step with appropriate legal documents. EVERY ADULT needs the following documents: Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive, HIPPA Release form and Declaration of Guardian just in case.
3. Take out accident insurance that is offered to you by the college. It is inexpensive and you have no idea how important it might become.
4. Pray every day for your child, no matter what! You will not agree with all of their choices, but pray that they always know God’s love and that they will ultimately find the plan for their lives and follow it.
5. Celebrate every milestone with family and friends. The stronger their family ties, the less likely they are to withdraw and become vulnerable to less desirable groups who prey on loners.

Enjoy every minute of this special time as you have earned it!

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