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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure: Home Stretch

Well…sad as we were to leave…we are also glad to be home safely! We left Lubbock by 10 this morning and were home safely a little after 4 today!  We chose the small town route…a scenic route…other than the Interstate and it was certainly more interesting viewing. I downloaded my pictures today and am very excited

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 7

Today began with a relaxing breakfast and a new plan!!! Our B&B was voted Number 1 in Santa Fe last year….and is Pueblo Bonito in case you were wondering or are planning a trip to Santa Fe any time soon. They are adobe cottages with full kitchens, a bedroom living area with futon and fireplace, private

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 6

Have you ever been to Santa Fe? If not…please take note of this day! Santa Fe is the gem of the Southwest in my book. It has it all….and we experienced a day full of art and beauty that can only be described as elegant pleasure for the senses. We started our day with a breakfast

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