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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 5

Well…Friday was a REALLY long day…jam packed with adventures! Ever been on a Pink Jeep Tour?  Well…after the MONSOON washed us out on Thursday night…we rebooked and went Friday morning. Had a wonderful breakfast in uptown Sedona and then met our tour guide and headed out! This was a 2 hour Canyon Tour and the views were

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 4

Today started off beautifully….we awoke to a beautiful view from our private deck…the most amazing Red Rocks views I have ever seen! I immediately posted it on Facebook and had many comments! We were soooo excited…and why? We are in a beautiful spot…we are so blessed to be able to see these amazing views and we

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 3

Do you believe in Serendipity? We certainly do! Today…the plan was to be out by 9, on the hiking trail by 9:30 and so on….well…that’s not exactly what happened. Here is the story…. Do you own a Subaru? If so…then listen up…if the keys are left in the Subaru ignition by accident for even 1 hour (which

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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 2

Have you ever seen anything so totally beautiful you were moved to tears? Well…I hope you make it to The Grand Canyon one day soon. I was so excited about seeing it, had heard so much about it, seen so many pictures, etc….but NOTHING could prepare me for the beauty I experienced today! I have never

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