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Judy and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Day 1

Today was the first day of our adventure…..flew to LAX, Judy picked me up, smelled the ocean air immediately….awwww….but on to our mission. What is our mission????? Why…we are driving back home an adventure at a time. First Stop? Lake Havasu and The London Bridge….yes, the ACTUAL London Bridge….we took pictures, drove on it, walked underneath

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You Say You Want a Revolution?

“Revolution” is one of my ALL TIME favorite Beatle tunes. Actually, for several reasons…love the music, love the words, and love the idea!  The word revolutionary denotes something new, groundbreaking, and normally carries a positive tone…something to look forward to…better than before…full of hope for the future! Just think if you were one of the first

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Savour The Moments

As I have just returned from a vacation, I can’t help but reflect on each moment of that vacation and truly savour it….as it was a wonderful, much needed trip for my husband and myself. As a caterer, you are so involved in making special events come true for others that oftentimes you treat your events as

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