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To Act or Not To Act?

Today I was in my car, again listening to a SUCCESS Magazine DVD and Seth Godin was one of the contributors. He was talking about the importance of marketing NOW, not tomorrow…not next week…but NOW before any more time elapses. Is procrastination killing you? Do you feel if you send out some mass emails, print out

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What’s Your Story?

Yesterday, I was listening to a SUCCESS Magazine CD and one of the contributors was famous business coach Dan Sullivan. He had excellent advice for any entrepeneurs but one of his nuggets went farther than that…this is POWERFUL to any human being on the planet, in my humble opinion. When asked about the one piece of

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Happenstance? I think not!

Happenstance? I reposted in FB today a quote by Sheila Burke (love the name BTW) ” We don’t meet anyone by accident. Pay attention to the happenstance.” I have seen this happen sooo many times in my life! I truly believe this with all my heart. You know the saying that goes around every so often…people

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