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TGIF….Thankful For Second Chances and Third…..

Well…it is here….another weekend! Everyone loves the weekend…right??? What plans do you have? Going out? Working on home improvement projects? Since it is Summertime….maybe going to the beach or the pool? Cooking out? Does all of this sound good to you? Perhaps you would like to do some or all of this, but you have to

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Failure to Communicate

I was just sitting in a dark theatre eagerly awaiting “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” when, during the previews, there were some Classic films that were to be shown one night only coming up this summer. The preview would include maybe one line of this famous film that you would hopefully remember. The screen flashed “Cool Hand Luke”

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Memorial Day Recipe: Red, White and Blueberry Pie

When I think of Memorial Day weekend…I immediately think of sun, water (usually the pools open this weekend), BBQs, and Flags. This is a weekend to enjoy with family and friends, but to remember those who have gone before us as well. Here in the United States, we pause to remember those who gave their lives

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Recipe for Success

Along the way in my eight year journey with Tea ‘n Mystery, I have learned many lessons, all of them the hard way…I can assure you! But one thing is clear…there is a TRUE recipe for success and it is true in ANY business venture that you start! Want my recipe for success? First…here are some

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