Free Trustees Workshop: Are your trustees prepared?

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Are Your Successor Trustees Prepared?

If you’ve named your children, relatives, or friends as your successor trustees when you pass away (or become disabled), will they be able to:

  • Prove Their Authority as Trustee?
  • Access Your Funds?
  • Set Up Proper Accounting Procedures?
  • Know the Value of Your Assets?
  • Pay Your Debts and Distribute Your Assets Properly?
  • Resolve Disputes?
  • Defend Against Contests?

Find out by attending our FREE Successor Trustee Workshop, exclusively for our clients and their Successor Trustees.



Presented by Rex L. Hogue, JD

Location: 2595 Dallas Parkway Ste. 100 Frisco, TX 75034

Limited seating. RSVP Required. Dates & Times subject to change.

Attendees will be offered a FREE Consultation. Complimentary refreshments provided.

Your successor Trustees will have a brief overview of how ‘Living Trusts’ work, and learn:

  • What will be required of your trustees when they have to act
  • What do the beneficiaries of your trust expect of the trustees
  • What should the trustees expect of the beneficiaries
  • What does the IRS expect
  • If you own firearms, how do the trustee and beneficiaries avoid criminal liability for managing and distributing them

Also, learn about our “Successor Trustee Handbook”.