Business/Asset Protection Planning Workshop @ HH

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How to Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets from Lawsuit Predators






When life happens, did you know that most people with these types of assets are at a higher risk of being sued than they think?

  • Investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, other financial assets (not in IRA/401K/403B), Cash, CD’s, etc.
  • Mineral interests
  • Non-homestead real estate
  • Business or Business interests
  • Intellectual property assets such as copyrights, trademarks, or patents
  • Some vehicles (boats/yachts, planes, RV’s, etc.)
  • Natural resources (water/timber rights)
  • Interests in trusts or estates
  • Receivables (money owed to you)

Do you know what factors in your life create the risk of being sued?

If you were sued and lost a significant portion of the assets above, how would that affect you and your family?