Do Government Shutdowns Affect Medicaid Benefits?

Some of our clients have asked recently how, if at all, would a 'government shutdown' affect their Medicaid benefits for, among other things, long-term care. The short answer is it wouldn't, at least not directly. The reason is due to the source of the funding for Medicaid

Have you had “The Talk” with Your Parents?

When I speak to groups about probate and estate planning, I often get asked the question, “Should I talk with my parents about this?” When I tell them “Yes,” the next question is, “How do I do that?” The first question is easy to answer. Everyone needs

To Our Veterans

We pause as a nation today to honor you. We are grateful for your and your family's service and sacrifice. You are a big part of what makes this nation great, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you from all of us here at Haiman Hogue.

New VA Rules: Good News and Bad

On October 18, 2018, new rules regarding eligibility for VA pension were implemented by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The new rules are quite comprehensive and while, in some significant new ways, they make it more difficult for Veterans, they also provide opportunities for Veterans to

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