Vacation Time

Vacation Time

Well, where shall we go this year? This picture was taken at the Wine Train in Napa Valley. We went there to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Actually, we were gone 9 days. We spent 4 days in San Francisco and 4 days in Napa and then spent the other traveling. It was a fabulous trip which I will always remember for many reasons: 1. I loved every place we went. 2. It was relaxing as well as exciting. 3. There were so many memories we made, so much we shared, it was simply fabulous. By the way, if you have never ridden on the Wine Train, that is a MUST! What a stellar adventure that was! Fabulous food, wonderful service, luxurious surroundings, and an awesome day all around.

We are planning this year’s vacation and are going back to California, but this time I want to see the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway for the first time! I feel very strongly about this…it is driving my husband crazy….he tells me all the negatives involved. Traffic, traffic, and more traffic, etc. You see Jeff was born in Los Angeles and works for a company in the suburbs of Los Angeles now. So, he, of course, has driven this before. Has he stopped and really enjoyed it, seeing all the special sites along the way? OF COURSE NOT! I point this out…but he is taking me to humour me period. He acts like he could care less about this…but I truly believe that he will come around EVENTUALLY! Even our 27 year old has been on this highway with some friends! I simply MUST go….I feel it in my bones.

Why this trip now? I so want to see nature at its finest. I have been so fortunate to see The Grand Canyon (awe inspiring), Sedona, Rocky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak, the Florida Coast, The Jersey shore, New Orleans (8 times), beautiful Charleston, all across Texas, Santa Fe (5 times), all over New Mexico, Eurkeka Springs and Hot Springs, Arkansas (both beautiful), Tennessee Smoky Mountains (Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge), Kentucky Lake….and on and on…all beautiful! Also San Diego, La Jolla, and La Costa, Phoenix and Scottsdale, etc. Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and New York City. Before I go to Europe, I truly want to visit our Pacific Coast on THAT HIGHWAY!

What my husband fails to understand is that I do NOT care if we drive 15 miles per hour…it is just more time for me to enjoy the beauty and take thousands of photos. I have no expectations….I just want to go and experience it for myself…except I truly want my husband there to truly feel the way he did when he lived there…the California beauty that you must be there to experience. Monterrey Bay, Carmel, Big Sur…these are the treasures I want to see for myself. Then, I can always remember them like I do San Francisco (which I truly LOVE) and Napa (which everyone loves).

So….I continue to plan and suggest…and HOPE and PRAY that he eventually will go along with this dream of mine (yes, this is in my Dream Book). But until then, I work away…and smile and pray that he will surprise me one day very soon with some dates and a plan of his own. He, at least looked at all the research I had and seemed interested….Wish me LUCK!

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