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Find Your Tribe

You can not go anywhere these days without hearing something about your “tribe.” Do you KNOW if you even HAVE a Tribe or if you do, WHO they are? FIND YOUR TRIBE “YOU KNOW, THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL THE MOST YOU. THE ONES THAT LIFT YOU UP AND HELP YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY

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Making A Difference

Doesn’t everyone want to feel like they are making a difference in this world? I know I do! I have met some powerful people this past week who are DEFINITELY making a difference in the world by mentoring, helping the disabled, helping non-profits raise much needed funds, helping restore local treasures, and helping heal broken relationships.

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Vacation Time

Well, where shall we go this year? This picture was taken at the Wine Train in Napa Valley. We went there to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Actually, we were gone 9 days. We spent 4 days in San Francisco and 4 days in Napa and then spent the other traveling. It was a fabulous trip which

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