When you hear the word COURAGE what does that mean to you? We have all known people who have exhibited courage under pressure. We have studied historical figures that have exhibited courage in trying times. Have you ever PERSONALLY met someone whom you marvel at how they are standing, much less thriving? Well, friends, I have and I am privileged to work with her and see her amazing grace-filled life. She is an integral part of our team at the law firm and we are all so thankful that God spared her life, miraculously.

Nancy Shore, our legal assistant/administrator,  is so kind, compassionate, eager to learn and help in any way possible, She humbly told us, in an email, that she was to be featured on the nightly news in case we happened to see it. The reason? She has an incredible story, featured in her book, “The Shooting of Nancy Howard…A Journey Back to Shore.” I bought a copy on Amazon and immediately read it. It is a quick read, but a true crime account of lies, deceit, and attempted murder.

When you read her story, it embodies three words….Courage, Faith, and Grace. It also serves as a reminder that NO one is immune from trouble and heartache in their lifetime. But, the difference maker is how we react. This quote from Esther Burroughs explains how Nancy has chosen to react to her pain. “Women can splash the world with the love of Christ…through kindness, caring, touching, meeting needs, and telling of their love for Christ.”.

I am thankful for her example to all of us, and count meeting her as one of my blessings!

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