Best Friends

Best Friends

Today is Best Friends day. What a wonderful day to celebrate as my friends mean the world to me! I have been very blessed with many friends over the years.  Recently, while at a Bridal Shower, I wrote the bride-to-be my advice…..NEVER lose your Girl Friends, because they will become more important to you as time goes on.

I love my husband and son with all of my heart, but….I will NOT give up my girlfriends, because that relationship is so very special, it is treasured. We laugh together, cry together, support each other in ways men do not understand, and ALWAYS have each others’ backs.

I happen to have 4 BEST Friends in this country whom I see at my church regularly, email, FaceBook, and we schedule regular events like Happy Hours where we solve all the world’s problems. We have a “Birthday Club” where we celebrate each one’s birthday specially with food, wine, gifts, and lots of love and laughter. We have also been with each other through tragedy and triumph…hospitals, funerals, divorce, accidents, graduations, and weddings. No other love is like this!

I have 1 BEST Friend who moved away to another state a few years ago. God put us together thirty years ago and she and I have been through illness, divorce, unspeakable child tragedy, and losing our parents. She taught me so much about love and faith and the human spirit. She will always hold a very special place in my heart!

I have 1 BEST Friend whom lives far, far away in another country that I do not get to see that often. We have to live vicariously through FaceBook or other means to keep in contact. We have been friends since we were 6 years old….yes, before most of you readers were born! But when we get together, after a while of basic catching up, we can pick right back up where we started. I LOVE her to pieces and she knows it without a doubt. She knows me better than anyone because she was raised similarly in the same small town, and we knew all the same people, etc.

So…this is MY TRIBE of BEST FRIENDS whom I am soooo thankful for and will always aspire to be THEIR FRIEND too!

Please reach out to YOUR Besties today and let them know how much they mean to you. I know I will.


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