Summertime…and The Living is Easy

Summertime…and The Living is Easy

YES, it is June! Summer has officially begun for most as today is the last day of school for most and graduation parties are everywhere. I am personally going to 3 and I am certain that you are as well.

It just made me think about Summer plans, goals, vacations, and expectations. Activities abound, no matter what area you live in. Outdoor festivals, fireworks, picnics, cookouts, swim parties, wedding season, baseball games, etc. all are a part of the summer season which we look forward to each year.

Family and friends take front and center in the summer with all of these activities and rightly so, but please do not let them take your focus off of YOUR dreams. There is NO substitute for quality time spent making memories that you have been dreaming about for years. Do not delay in taking that trip or making that visit this summer because of too much work or too little extra cash (in your mind). Do NOT keep promising….SOMEDAY we will go there, SOMEDAY I will take you, SOMEDAY I will visit you…because SOMEDAY might not ever come.

This has been made painfully obvious to me this past year with the number of funerals that I personally have attended where the deceased was YOUNGER than me! So sad to see that person’s hopes and dreams cut short by freak accident or illness. It certainly was a wake up call to me….take EVERY day as a gift from God, use them wisely, and make the most of them!

So, I challenge you….take a trip that you have been putting off, take a road trip and stop often to see interesting things off the beaten path, think outside the box (WAY outside) and experience all that your life has to offer. For it is in the new experiences that you will grow, I can promise you!

Try new things…take an art class or a dance class or read some books for ENJOYMENT, not just for your business. It is amazing how relaxing that can be.

Try kayaking, hike up Enchanted Rock, go star gazing, but most of all, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! I am going on one of my DREAM trips (call it a bucket list if you had rather) this year and will be blogging each day….stay tuned for that later this summer.


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