Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Well….here we are at Mother’s Day week again. Otherwise known as one of the three top holidays of the year. 1. Christmas 2. Valentine’s Day (my birthday) 3. Mother’s Day are how I rank them.

The reason that I chose to write about Mother’s Day is twofold: Yes, I am so very fortunate to have a son who loves me and who has my heart, for sure! But, I also MISS MY MOM terribly on this weekend particularly….how about YOU? I was just in a meeting this morning and had one yesterday as well where the person was complaining about their Mother being such a pain….I just put my head down. I hope and PRAY that I did not say that many times…although I probably did. I feel convicted of that heinous sin EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear this.

PLEASE know that I would trade soooo much for ONE more day with my MOM! Charlean taught me so much….my love of cooking CERTAINLY comes from her…my love of entertaining comes from her, my devotion to family comes from her, my love of making holidays special comes from her, and on and on.

Unfortunately, she was not able to do all with me that she wished,,,,but not for lack of trying, I can assure you. She tried to make me into a real Southern lady…but I am my own person in that regard, and I would definitely not put me in the LADY category. No prim and proper here. I am FUN loving and not graceful at all.

I thought I would write this to give some of you ideas on how to include those of us without living Mothers on Mother’s Day. Last year, my sweet niece Taryn, invited me to join she and my wonderful Sister In Law at a Mother-Daugher Tea at their Church. It was one of the most memorable days for me EVER! To think I was included in this celebration meant the world to me!

This year, I am paying it forward by recommending someone that I admire tremendously for a Mother’s Day treat in a contest. I hope she wins and by that win, I will feel like I contributed to a Mother’s Day celebration felt in heaven. My MOM would be sooo happy if this special lady in my life wins. She would have LOVED her for sure.

So…I hope this gives you some food for thought whether or not your Mother is still living. If not, find someone else to bless and it will warm your heart. If you Mom is still living, ENJOY every minute with her as you will MISS her later and wish you had.

Lastly, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY friends!

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