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When you hear the word COURAGE what does that mean to you? We have all known people who have exhibited courage under pressure. We have studied historical figures that have exhibited courage in trying times. Have you ever PERSONALLY met someone whom you marvel at how they are standing, much less thriving? Well, friends, I have

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Best Friends

Today is Best Friends day. What a wonderful day to celebrate as my friends mean the world to me! I have been very blessed with many friends over the years.  Recently, while at a Bridal Shower, I wrote the bride-to-be my advice…..NEVER lose your Girl Friends, because they will become more important to you as time

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Graduation Season

Well, it is Graduation Season now…. and we have been going to many graduation parties for our neighbors’ children, our friends’ children and grandchildren. This is a monumental day for any teenager, parent, or grandparent alike and there is nothing like that feeling! A feeling of accomplishment, a scary feeling of the unknown, excitement for the

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Summertime…and The Living is Easy

YES, it is June! Summer has officially begun for most as today is the last day of school for most and graduation parties are everywhere. I am personally going to 3 and I am certain that you are as well. It just made me think about Summer plans, goals, vacations, and expectations. Activities abound, no matter

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Mother’s Day

Well….here we are at Mother’s Day week again. Otherwise known as one of the three top holidays of the year. 1. Christmas 2. Valentine’s Day (my birthday) 3. Mother’s Day are how I rank them. The reason that I chose to write about Mother’s Day is twofold: Yes, I am so very fortunate to have a

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Reinvent Yourself

Hello again! It has been awhile, right? 5 years to be exact. WHEW! A lot has happened…. but what you need to know is that I am HAPPY and probably HAPPIER than I have ever been, at least as far as I can remember…. You see, I am HAPPY because of many reasons, not the least

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