TGIF….Thankful For Second Chances and Third…..

TGIF….Thankful For Second Chances and Third…..

Well…it is here….another weekend! Everyone loves the weekend…right??? What plans do you have?
Going out? Working on home improvement projects? Since it is Summertime….maybe going to the beach or the pool? Cooking out? Does all of this sound good to you?

Perhaps you would like to do some or all of this, but you have to work all weekend. If you are in the Event Business, you know what I mean…Not only will you be working this weekend, but you are THANKFUL for the business or just that you HAVE a job! And this is definitely HIGH WEDDING SEASON….which means lots of business for venues, DJs, Florists,Videographers, Photographers, Caterers,  etc. Dealing with brides and their families is BIG BUSINESS for the Event Industry!

Well…as I look forward to my weekend….I am THANKFUL FOR SECOND CHANCES! What do I mean by that? I just read a quote (paraphrased) “Sometimes Success is going from one failure to another until you get it right” Now…that means second, third, fourth…etc. chances….and I for one am incredibly THANKFUL!  Now…having said that….does that mean I count my former career as a “FAILURE”?
NOOOOOOO…Of course not! I, by the very Grace of God, catered for as many as 375 people at a time and lived to tell about it!!! Got recommendations from sooo many, got to meet so many wonderful people, and made quite a few very happy indeed! Established annual parties for some, celebrated many special events in their lives, and will always be thankful for the opportunities I have been given!

Having said that….my new OPPORTUNITY…allows me freedom to be at home on the weekends, plan fun activities with family and friends, and yes even to work on home improvement projects. The beach or pool? That will come (exercising daily) later…You know the old saying “Never Trust a Skinny Cook.”  Well…not a problem here….AHEM! Now…where were we?

Oh, yes…please take every day as a gift from God….do with it all you can, love as much as you can, help as many as you can, and then pray for another day to try to get it right again! Your life can change in an instant…believe me! Do not miss any more potential memories feeling sorry for yourself for mistakes made…just LEARN from them and go FORWARD to face new challenges and yes, to make more mistakes…for after all is said and done…THE ONLY TRUE FAILURE IS THE FAILURE TO TRY!!!!

TGIF to you and I am raising my glass of refreshing Green Tea Punch to your success!
Recipe? Brew some green tea and let cool. Fill a glass half full with ice, add green tea to half full, add San Pellegrino orange to make glass 3/4 full and top off with Cranberry Juice! Wonderfully refreshing and healthy for the summertime!!!

Sheila Williamson

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