Failure to Communicate

Failure to Communicate

I was just sitting in a dark theatre eagerly awaiting “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” when, during the previews, there were some Classic films that were to be shown one night only coming up this summer. The preview would include maybe one line of this famous film that you would hopefully remember. The screen flashed “Cool Hand Luke” and, of course, this most famous line….”What we have here is a failure to communicate….” Who can forget this scene??? But…it got me to think…how true in life this saying is….how many marriages could have been saved, how many loves not lost…if only there would have been better communication?

Now…since my entering into the world of network marketing….I am TRULY being shown the importance of communication every day in my new career. We hear all the time of stories where an individual is constantly being called a failure until they believe it themselves and, unless they are INCREDIBLY self motivated, will not rise above this negativity to prove this wrong. Sometimes, the person doing the berating…believes that the only way to motivate someone is to debase them to the point of  submission, and then build them up in their own image of success. I have NEVER believed in this way of leadership and hope that NONE of my readers do either!

Now…let’s look at another way….the only TRUE failure is a failure to TRY!!!  (That was directly from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”) I believe this with all my heart and, as such, am reinventing myself at 57 as a successful network marketer! My goal in doing so? Twofold for me….1.  Retirement retooled for my family who mean everything to me and 2. Role model for my son who had to rethink his whole life at 19. I want to communicate this to every person I see struggling with living their lives believing their dreams are unreachable or having been told they are now superfluous to their company whom they always thought they would retire from. Do not wait for tomorrow to try something new….each day is truly a gift for us to open and explore!

Yes, there is another way! In the movie, amidst the exotic sights and sounds of present day India, these individuals who traveled there all looking for a new beginning…only to find the owner of the hotel desperately trying himself for a new beginning….found new meaning in different ways than ever imagined. Only one was not willing to complete the transformation…but that allowed one for another! What a positive message conveyed in this film…one for all of us on life’s journey. I am currently writing my goals for my business and daring to dream more than ever before because I will not FAIL to TRY! Will you come along on this journey with me? Remember…when a door closes….a window most certainly opens….that window is opportunity….

I raise my cup of Chai to your success,

Sheila Williamson

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